COVID-19 Updated Information from HBK


We will continue to be your committed partner for testing, measuring, simulation.

Updated information from HBK about the evolving Coronavirus situation

The impact caused by the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) affect us all. At HBK, we are one global community navigating our way through the evolving and unprecedented challenges of this pandemic. Our top priority now and always is the health and safety of our employees, their families, customers and partners. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by COVID-19. We are in this together.

At HBK, we remain your committed partner for all questions around testing, measuring, simulation – and we are available to respond to your requests and concerns.

Stay healthy and take care – we will emerge from this crisis as a stronger community.

Read how HBK people and business is supporting our communities

The HBK Digital Learning Package

Our teams at HBK, including the experts of the HBK Academy, are compiling a comprehensive digital learning package of webinars, tutorials and other forms of content for you, so that we can continue to grow and expand our knowledge and skills.

Video messages from our employees

At HBK we act as a global community. This team spirit and the shared passion for our customers’ applications encourages us to go through these challenging times together with you.

For this purpose we have compiled some video messages from our employees.

Stay safe and innovate!

Though at a distance, our teamwork is not defined by proximity but by the connections and dedication demonstrated during this new normal. Together, we are finding new and innovative ways to continue to work with customers and deliver support needed now more than ever.

“Familiar faces, personal spaces, Prenscia (part of HBK) are here for you from remote places, delivering the support and resources you need to stay productive in challenging times. Stay safe and innovate!”

HBK / Coronavirus - Frequently Asked Questions

Yes – even in difficult times our local sales teams are available for you. Depending on local conditions, our employees work either completely or partially in the home office. But thanks to digital tools we are available everywhere 

Yes, HBK follows a stringent COVID-19 containment action plan in all our offices worldwide. Employees work mainly in home offices; business trips are discontinued. All meetings take place in digital conferences. In addition, we have introduced far-reaching hygiene measures at our production sites to ensure the greatest possible “social distancing”.  As a responsible company, we are fully aware and committed towards our responsibility in this social challenge.

Yes, the HBMshop is of course still available to you around the clock, 24/7. There you can order all HBM products as well as selected Brüel & Kjaer sound level meters directly via the Internet. Go to the HBM Online Shop

Basically yes. However some local sales & services offices are currently unable to accept packages, it may be necessary to send them directly to our laboratories in the factories. Please make sure to contact us and discuss all submissions and calibration orders with our local sales offices prior shipping.

Basically, we are at your side with services. Of course, we will always make an assessment according to our internal and your COVID 19 risk plans. However, due to some local authorities’ rules, there may be some place where we cannot travel. Here too, please contact your local sales office.

Our production facilities are currently operational. As we place the highest value on compliance with hygiene measures and local government instructions, capacity is partially reduced. Nevertheless, we are committed and confident that we can continue to supply you with our products.

Due to the high safety measures we have implemented at HBK, we consider this extremely unlikely. We also rely on risk assessments by government authorities. Read the guidance on the WHO website on the risk associated with handling products.

Yes – of course digitally! Our HBK Academy Team has set up an extensive digital training program. You can find the daily updated schedule here.