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HBK Expert Talk is the science talk show around metrological questions. Find the growing collection of episodes on this page.

How to find the right accelerometer to match your needs!

Feeling overwhelmed by all the different types of existing accelerometers? This episode of Expert Talk will guide you to find the right transducer easily.

In this episode of HBK Expert Talk you will learn, among other things..

  • What to consider when Choosing an accelerometer
  • What is accelerometer’s frequency range, and the physics behind that defines it
  • The importance of accelerometer’s sensitivity, and how to choose the right one
  • Mass-loading, temperature range, and other parameters are briefly discussed

What is the correct sample rate? What is the best filter?

In this HBK Expert Talk episode, you will learn:

About sample rates:

  • When is the Shannon-Nyquist sampling theorem helpful and when can it be misleading?
  • Aliasing – a good-looking measurement signal delivers a false sense of security, leading to erroneous interpretations.
  • And how do I recognize undersampling?

About filters:

  • Cut-off frequency, passband, and stopband
  • Strengths and weaknesses of Bessel and Butterworth filters
  • Filter during the measurement or post-process?

Measuring Is Worthless Without Calibration!

This episode of HBK Expert Talk is about a topic that is often underestimated and yet so fundamentally important: calibration. Without proper calibration, precise and correct measurement is not possible.

Our calibration expert and academy trainer Thomas Hesse explains the basics of this essential topic with numerous practical examples.

In this episode of HBK Expert Talk you will learn…
  • When did the calibration exist and where did it originate from?
  • What does calibration mean and what does a calibration look like?
  • Different calibration levels and how a calibration pyramid is structured?

What Effects Earth and Mass Have on the Quality of Your Measurement Results

This episode of the HBK Expert Talk is about the separation of earth and mass. The exact differentiation of earth and mass has important effects on the quality of your measurement results. Why this is so, and which calculations you should make, is explained to you by HBK Academy trainer Patrik Ott.

In this episode of HBK Expert Talk you will learn…
  • What the differences are between earth and ground
  • Why an “ideal technological setup” only exists in theory
  • What you should NEVER do under ANY circumstances during your measurements

How Can You Avoid Electromagnetic Interference When Measuring With Strain Gauges?

Have you always wanted to know what is really important when handling strain gages? And how to work with electromagnetic interference? Then learn the best tips & tricks first hand. In our new, innovative format “HBK Expert Talk” Patrik Ott, trainer of the HBK Academy, will provide you with practical tips & tricks in dealing with strain gauges.

In this episode of HBK Expert Talk you will learn…
  • About a fundamental topic of error prevention when measuring with strain gages.
  • About the correct grounding of the measurement amplifier and the component.
  • About EMC & what is necessary for low-noise strain measurement.