HBK supporting the community during the corona crisis

How HBK people and technology is supporting our communities

Mastering challenges together

HBK technology and people supporting the community during the corona crisis

We at HBK, put our heart into our jobs and into measurement technology. Because of that passion, we carry a great sense of responsibility with us.

We are proud that this is the motivation that drives the colleagues in our company to take on this special responsibility in the times of Covid-19. And of course, this also applies to us as a corporate community: taking responsibility in difficult times.

With dozens of different locations around the world, HBK employees have grown into one big global family. And as befits a community in a time of crisis, we try to do one thing, and that is to support each other so that we can be a great, reliable partner for our customers.

Rapid fatigue testing for medical equipment

On short notice, one aerospace company converted its production to medical technology in order to support the National Health System. For fatigue testing of new components, the nCode Premium Materials Database was used free of charge, reducing test and development time to a minimum.

Respiratory masks from the 3D printer

Our plant in Porto, Portugal was also quick to respond to the crisis. To support local hospitals, our employees are using 3D printers to produce and donate urgently-needed respiratory masks.

Test equipment for ventilators

Various companies worldwide switched their production to respirators on short notice. HBK provided a wide range of test equipment for this purpose. For example, our HBM QuantumX data acquisition system and catman software have been used for testing ventilator equipment. For another company, we provided an LDS vibration controller as a free loan. This helped the company to identify and solve potential problems with the energy supply of its new ventilators.

HBK – a proven partner for the medical industry for decades

Our products are also used as standard in many medical technology applications, where they contribute to our health and well-being. For example, this applies, to OEM sensors, where we can transform any component into a sensor according to customer specifications. Here, numerous medical technology manufacturers rely on this flexible solution for critical hospital supplies, such as our sensors used in the production of hospital beds.

We are looking to support our partners in business and society with more projects like these. Please contact us if we can help you.

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