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Accelerate your product development ambitions

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In this increasingly digital world, engineers need highly accurate, integrated data solutions to balance performance elements and bring their products to market faster.

As the product physics expert, HBK bridges the gap between the physical and virtual domains through class-leading, integrated test and measurement solutions across the entire test, and measurement chain.

This enables you to accelerate your product development process, create outstanding products and solve your data challenges.

Core focus areas

HBK partners with engineers across a wide variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, industrial, and telecom to drive competitiveness across their business, and quality across their products. 

Our offering brings everything from sensors and data acquisition to data preparation, evaluation and engineering services together, with software-driven solutions designed to facilitate digital transformation and industry-leading excellence in hardware systems.

A complete portfolio of solutions across the test and measurement life cycle

HBK provides a complete portfolio of technologies that cover the entire test and measurement life cycle across every domain. While sensor hardware and DAQs remain at the heart of our offering, we also provide state-of-the-art data management software and analysis software, as well as simulation software and hardware.

So whether you are a developer or a manufacturer, we are ready to support you at every stage of the product development and optimization process, including:

– Physical and virtual testing for more innovative Research & Development
– In-line measurement and end-of-line testing for manufacturing control and efficiency
– In-product sensing and in-service monitoring to maximize product quality for OEMs

On one hand, this means engineers have the tools they need to accelerate development cycles while maintaining production efficiency and quality. On the other, OEMs can continuously and reliably optimize performance through sophisticated in-product measurement and monitoring.

Our full range of product domains are listed below.

Strain measurement

HBK provides a complete range of strain gauges and accessories, even for the highest number of channels. Also available as OEM strain gauges and optical fiber sensors.

Sound measurement

We offer the industry’s most comprehensive and sophisticated software and tools for the measurement and management of sound.  Find out more about acoustic transducers, product noise , sound power measurement, and sound quality


Force and load measurement

Our force and load measurement solutions meet virtually any requirement and are proven to deliver the precision, safety, dependability, and quality you need. 

Learn more about our load cells and weighing solutions and our force cells and transducers.

Torque measurement

Our high-precision torque measurement solutions deliver exceptional performance for the optimization and creation of new powertrains, including electrical machines.
View our torque sensors and transducers.


Mechanical and electric measurement

HBK offers cutting-edge systems for the optimization of electric drives that enable full access and analysis of raw mechanical and electrical data.

Learn more about our mechanical and electric measurement solutions.

Vibration Test & Measurement

Our vibration test & measurement solutions enable you to gain greater insight into the inner world of products, machines, and structures. 

View our Vibration transducers and vibration test & measurement products and solutions.

Pressure measurement

Our durable pressure transducers and sensors ensure precise results up to accuracy class 0.1 and are suitable for high pressure measurements up to 15,000 bar. 

See our full range of solutions

Engineering software for reliability, durability and performance

Prenscia gives you access to a complete range of solutions designed to transform data into decisions.

Get a full overview of Prenscia solutions.

Case studies

For many years, HBM and Brüel & Kjær have been solving test and measurement challenges across virtually every industry and sector. Our case studies highlight exactly how these challenges were overcome, and the results that were achieved.

Read our sound and vibration cases.

Read our test and measurement cases.

Seminars and training

It is essential that your engineering teams get the most value from our technologies. That’s why we provide a full calendar of on and off-line seminars and training programs, designed specifically to increase productivity through detailed understanding of HBM and Brüel & Kjær hardware and software applications.

Learn more about the HBM academy, or about Brüel & Kjær’s training seminars.