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Services that Calibrate, Maintain and Repair. Solutions that Measure, Analyse and Optimise.

HBK Services and Solutions empower our customers and engineers throughout the world to deploy and maintain test and measurement technologies as well as to optimise the usage of data from measurement insights to deliver actionable decisions.

HBK’s Service programmes ensure optimal uptime through connection, engagement and collaboration with our skilled service engineers. By delivering calibration, installation, maintenance and repair from our accredited HBK labs and in field service engineers, HBK empowers the high quality data and knowledge transfer required for effective customer processes and ultimate successes.

HBK’s Engineering Services consultants support our customers globally across multiple industries including automotive, aerospace and defence, energy, civil construction, off-highway, consumer products, medical, and more with key focus areas such as sound quality and structural health monitoring.

HBK’s Engineering solutions monitor the life cycle of equipment, plant, and vehicle fleets enabling operators to improve the performance of their assets. HBK solutions increase the value of existing assets by maximizing safety, sustainability and by optimizing equipment availability and operational decision making while reducing costs and avoiding inefficiencies.

HBK Assured Service Contracts

HBK Assured is our service contract offering, which is our recommendation for how to take care of your HBK equipment. HBK Assured bundles your needs into one contract at a competitive rate. With our HBK Assured Contract, you can trust the precision of your equipment and know the cost to maintain it.

HBK Assured service contracts for Hardware (Transducers, Amplifiers and DAQs)

HBK Assured service contracts for Vibration Test System (VTS)


HBK offers a comprehensive range of both, on and off site calibration services. We are committed to working with our customers to deliver the accuracy and the product optimisation required to deliver the highest levels of confidence in acquired data. The calibrated data we procure is critical to directly driving key design and operating decisions by providing measurement documentation to minimize the risk of error, and costs in securing product quality. Our calibration services help you meet national and international regulations and legal requirements.

Brüel & Kjær Calibration Services

HBM Calibration Services

Repair and Rental

HBK prioritises the operational efficiency and effectiveness of its products and the process we support. HBK’s repair and rental teams pro-actively work with our customers to deploy robust product and service support schedules with a full range of maintenance and repair services designed to minimize downtime, maximize the life of your equipment, and avoid unplanned repair costs. These include on-site services if it is inconvenient to move your system

Brüel & Kjær Repair Services

HBM Repair Services

Engineering Services

HBK engineering services work with a wide variety of products and industries from around the world to improve the noise and vibration performance of their products. The Engineering Services team also offers complete structural health monitoring solutions that include precision sensors and instruments for testing, data acquisition systems and software, as well data analysis services within bridges, rail, offshore foundation and many more areas…

Sound & Vibration Engineering Services

Strain and Structural Monitoring Engineering Services

Field Services

At HBK we understands the importance of embedded “on site” and “in the field” customer collaboration and where being able to experience our customer’s challenges is essential when creating the solutions and support structures needed to deliver optimised success. Our field services team are equipped and always ready to be at our customers side when called upon for installation support, equipment maintenance and essential calibration when data assurance is always a priority.

Field Services for Vibration Test Systems

HBM Field Services

Engineering Solutions

HBK’s Engineering Solutions add value to our product portfolio to deliver end to end systems, processes, and actionable engineering insights to customers through utilising our extensive software solutions to embedding expert and driving process transformation. Our Engineering Solution teams enable customers to optimise product and process deployment to create an overall operational environment that is secure, sustainable, efficient and delivers actionable insights.

Engineering Solutions from Prenscia

Download the Asset and Fleet Management Solution overview (PDF)

Our HBK World

Improving Products Through Deeper Knowledge

To avoid failures, rigorous test programs are required for vehicles to replicate real customer usage over a wide range of field applications and environments. Developers of vehicle platforms also need to reduce program costs and schedules which requires optimized, accelerated proving ground test schedules that accurately replicate realistic customer operations without subjecting the vehicle to unrealistic loading conditions. Read more.

Monitoring the safety of EDF infrastructure

The Passy hydroelectric plant, the most important power plant in the Haute-Savoie department of France, generates electricity using water held back by dams and glaciers. In late 2013, major civil engineering works were planned in the vicinity of a “penstock”, or pressure pipe, transporting water from a glacier, and it was necessary to ensure that these works would not have any impact on the solidity of the penstock or its attachments. Read more.


Engineering Services: 
Product Sound Quality

The sound quality of a product plays a big part in how end users perceive the overall product quality. Some product noise is inevitable, but it can often be transformed into something less objectionable or even a pleasant sound, like the roar of an engine. However, sound quality perception is subjective.Read more.

Structural Health Monitoring:
New Technologies are on the Rise

Virtually every type of public infrastructure, including bridges, pipelines, tunnels, foundations, roadways, dams, etc., is subject to factors that can degrade it or lead to malfunctions.  These structural problems can be the result of deterioration, improper construction methods, seismic activity, nearby construction work, etc. Read more.


Engineering Services:
NVH testing and support

Ensuring the acoustic and vibration performance of a vehicle is hugely challenging and requires expertise in a range of noise vibration harshness (NVH) performance domains. To achieve fast and efficient response, automotive OEMs sometimes choose to outsource the responsibility for NVH vehicle integration. Read more.

The Disstinct Project

HBM strain gauges and data acquisition equipment were used in a unique experiment performed in the Westermeerwind wind farm in the Netherlands to investigate the damping effect of the sea bed on the loads on wind turbines. Read more.

Efficient Predictive Maintenance for Operational efficiency

Using existing and historical data, mining operations and associated plant processes can be modeled with advanced
analysis software from Prenscia Solutions. Our extensive experience in both software systems and services enables us to
review and implement more efficient processes and more accurately predict operational and maintenance requirements. Read more.

Engineering Services:

Standardization of internal testing procedures is helpful in that it ensures that results are comparable over time and help ensure that lab resources are used optimally. To increase test efficiency, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) systems can be customized to support standardized sound and vibration testing. Read more.

Industry Solution:
Rail Test with HBM

The rail test product range and portfolio offered by HBM for the rail industry covers almost all areas that are relevant metrologically for development, checking, controlling and monitoring. Customers around the world therefore trust the comprehensive know-how that HBM has gained over decades of cooperation with the railway industry and application service companies. Read more.